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Elim Missions has been working extensively into Africa for many years.  In the last 12 years there has been many churches, hospitals, schools and much more built thanks to the support and effort of the local churches.  Here are some of our on going projects we've committed to in Africa...

127 Project

The 127 project which has been running for many years in Zimbabwe, has been a real blessing to many. The Scheme is organised by Rev Harry Mhlanga and supports orphan children with their school fees.  Children who would not have the resources to enable them to attend school, are given opportunity with their fee’s being paid for them.   There have been some major success stories in recent times of orphan and widows passing the equivalent of GCSE and A level exams which would have otherwise been impossible.  Also thanks to the work of Rev. Mhlanga many of these people are giving their lives to Christ.

Hearing Impaired School

Those who attend this school are all Boarders, having their own little Hostel to live in, with their bunk beds and own House Parents.  Without the Home these children would simply be left to beg on the streets in the cities and towns.  Through the Hearing Impaired School, they are educated and given special tuition in practical subjects like sewing, gardening and looking after goats and pigs.

If you would like to financially support any of these projects please free to get in touch via our contact page, or visit our Donate page for information on how to give.

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