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Thank you so much for your generosity over the past year and all that you have been able to give. Together, last June, we raised just over £16,000 for the Be Church Campaign. We were honoured to be able to support missionaries and church planters, and to provide practical tools to share the gospel with those who are in unreached communities around the world. This year we would love to do the same, and more.

It is a privilege for the Elim Church UK to have within our history the heart-breaking story of the Vumba  massacre in 1978. We will never forget our missionaries who were killed so mercilessly. Their story continues to inspire us to go to the whole earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


This year Missions Sunday is on the 26th June in honour of the deaths of our missionaries. Like last year we will be promoting our Be Church campaign for church planting on this significant day. All around the Elim world we see many different expressions of new churches being planted. We are in exciting days. Every month we tell a new story of a new church planter going across borders, and even cultures and languages, to tell others about Jesus and to start a church. This is what Elim UK does. We send money, we equip and send people to those who have never heard of the Lord and we also pray. 

Will you join us in praying and giving towards church planting overseas?

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