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One the ways you can support the work of Elim Missions Ireland and the Missionary on the ground who gives of themselves to share Jesus with the community around them.  There are many ways to 'give' and we would encourage you to sign up to our email updates so that we can keep you updated on upcoming needs.  


Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts you have towards raising support for Elim Missions.  Here are a few practical ways you can practically support the work of Elim Missions Ireland...

 Local Church 

Our local Elim churches do a fantastic job of raising both prayerful and practical support for Elim Missions Ireland.  In each of our churches the Pastor or Missions Secretaries and regularly informed of the recent activities and newsletters from Elim Missionaries and will be able to guide you to how you can help them raise support at a local level.

Mission Boxes

Missions Boxes have been used for many years and are displayed in homes, shops, schools and many other places.  Every year they help raise thousands of pounds.

To obtain one of our mission boxes contact your local church Missions Secretary or call our office.


Another great way of raising support is through fundraising events.  We're thankful to the many volunteers who organise events to help raise support.

Click on the Elim Missions Fundraising Ideas Pack created to gives you some ideas.  And then if your wanting to organise anything speak to your local church Missions Secretary or give our office a call on 007802392222.

Support our Projects

Check out our Projects Page or Missionaries Section and have a read at some of the information.  If there is something that touches your heart then why not give directly towards some of the ways in which we are already sharing the Gospel with people.  

If you wish to give you can visit our Give page where you will find all the details there, just don't forget to reference what or who you wish to give to.


If you are wanting to give to the work of Elim Missions Ireland please visit our Donation page for more information

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