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Elim Missions has over 40 Missionaries Worldwide and the work they do extends from orphans, people trafficking, schools, hospitals, church planting and much more.  If you wish to see a full list of missionaries you can do so by visiting Elim Missions Central website.  


From Ireland it is great to see Missionaries leaving everything behind to follow the call of God on their life and serve Him in different countries.  It is our heart to stand with these people and support them in every way we can.  You can read some of their profiles below...

Ziso & Nicki Moyo

Ziso and Nicki have been married for 9 years, they have three children; Zach (7), Zoe (5) and Zara (2).

Ziso is the senior pastor of the main Elim church here in Zambia. Ziso is also the general secretary of Elim Zambia.
Nicki started a children's ministry in a local village in 2001 and still goes there along with her family to do a bible programme on a Monday afternoon. Nicki also runs a bible club in a local international school.


They started building an orphange, 'Oasis Village' when they had a visit from the UT Belfast Elim Team in 2007 and our first two children moved in in 2013. Ziso has been very involved with the building side of things but with Gilrina and Elijah moving in, Nicki will take a more prominent role.

David & Esther Allen

David and Esther moved from Northern Ireland to Cambodia in March 2011. They felt the call to serve as full time Elim missionaries after being part of, and then leading, short term mission teams.

“God spoke to us individually and put a desire on our hearts for us, as a couple, to live each moment totally for Him. We are passionate about reaching the Khmer people and making a difference to the lives of those around us. Our missionary journey has been exciting, scary, challenging, and many other emotions but God is always faithful and He is our constant guide. We can do nothing in our own strength and we value your prayers as we continue to do our utmost for His kingdom here in Cambodia”.

Roy and Elaine Hitchman

Married in 1989 Roy and Lainey have three grown children and are moving into a new phase of life as empty nesters. They use Hungary as their base and minister (primarily) throughout Europe.


They have ministered to marriages since 1993 with 2=1 and are now stepping out into something new! Although there are a number of elements to what they are doing they came up with an easy name to remember for those who are scratching their heads trying to remember that couple who work with marriages.


‘Hitched’ is an umbrella to cover a number of different aspects of their relationships ministry.

Ashley Jackson

From a young age I believed, and looked at the Bible quite literally - "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel." That call was pretty clear to me and while God has given me youth, strength and talents, I should use them for Him.


In recent years, God has challenged me on the issue of injustice across His world, and shown me just how much He hates it.   Gods heart is not only for us who already know and love Him, but His heart aches for those who are searching and lost in this dark world.

My prayer is that God would open hearts the hearts of those I meet in the Philippines, and that He might prepare me readily to give an answer to everyone who asks me to give the reason for the hope that I have.  With an open Bible, heart and map, all God asks is that we listen and obey.

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