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This is an exciting chapter in the life of Missions in Ireland and we are privileged to be part of it.  It is our prayer that we might see Christ exalted among the nations; that people from every tribe and language and people and nation might find freedom in Christ. 


We pray that the heart of missions would beat within every local church as we join together as the Elim family; a community of believers who are connected together and committed to demonstrating the Gospel through the sharing of faith, the equipping of the Church and the alleviating of the suffering of our fellow man.  We pray that the love of God that has captured our hearts and transformed our lives will inspire us to be true Ambassadors for Christ wherever and however He chooses to use us.


Read the various pages on this site and be inspired by what God is already doing across the world; by the exciting prospects of new things inspired by fresh vision and direction and by the opportunities you have to be part of this Great Commission in so many varied and unique ways.

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