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At Elim Missions Ireland we believe in 'team'.  It's a word that has lost some of it's meaning but for us it's about taking responsibility together.  Since it's beginning Elim Missions has never been based on one person.  In fact the reason we have accomplished all we have has been down to missionaries partnering with churches, churches working together to raise support, praying and so on.  And in the midst of it all there is a group of people who assist both the missionaries and the church by looking after the administration and continuing to make aware the needs that arise.

At Elim Missions Ireland we have a core team who help organise events and raise awareness of Elim Missions.  They are...

Pastor Roy Johnston

Irish missions Director

Roy has pastored for many years in Elim Ireland in Lisburn, Beersbridge Road and Lurgan.  Roy was appointed as Elim Missions Ireland Director in March 2016.


Roy is married to Hilary and they have three children.

Melissa Gray

Melissa is married to Pastor Kyle Gray and they have five children.  They lead Swords Elim Church, Dublin.

Mark is the Lead Pastor of Ballymena Elim Church.  He is also married to Melanie and they have two girls.

Pastor Mark Stone

Rodney RObinson

Rodney is married to Suzanne and they have three children. Alongside serving as an elder in Portadown Elim he is also a respected businessman within the area.

Rhonda Adams

Rhonda is married to Pastor Graeme Adams and they have two sons.  They lead and pastor Ballymoney Elim Church.

Pastor Stuart Argue

Stuart is the Associate Pastor in Portadown Elim Church and has been on a number of Missions Trips over the years, carrying a deep passion for international missions.

Elim Missions Ireland offices:

At our offices there is a dedicated team who help organise and take care of the day-to-day duties that help the Elim churches, Missionaries and ministries in Ireland effectively and efficiently reach the lost and build the Kingdom of Jesus. 


Although often behind the scenes, their hard work is invaluable to what happens on the ground.

Pamela Moore

Irish Missions Finance officer

Pamela is married to Kyle and they have two children.  Pamela is part-time and is responsible for managing the finances of the Missions Department in Ireland.

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